Simple=Select+SearchAn aficionado project that turned out to be helpful.

This extension started as a home project when I was too lazy to use a keyboard while browsing the Internet from my couch.

In 2011, I used my Desktop PC connected to a big TV with a wireless mouse. I had to right-click and right-click + copy on some text, create a new browser tab, then right-click + paste to search for whatever I was looking for.

I thought, "there must be an extension that allows me to search straight from the right-click.", but apparently there wasn't, or I didn't like them... so I decided to build one.

Apparently, I was not the only one in need of this. Today, about 27,000 unique users utilize it every month, so yeah.

This is a free product, and I don't spend as much time as I should about it, but I still want to improve it. It looks like there's a never-ending list of improvements.

In 2020 I added the extension in Microfot Edge's store as it became my default browser.

There's an old blog I used to keep up. Check it out for older references.